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June 13, 2013
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160px-SpainChibi by crazzzychic

You sat watching your amazing Spanish husband as he tried to explain to Romano what you had just found out; you were 3 months pregnant with Antonio's (Spain) child and Romano was going to be a big brother.
"Madre (mother)!" Romano said running to you pouting. "That-a tomato loving idiota said you were going to have a baby!"
"Because I am silly," you said happily, but your smile faded when you noticed Romano wasn't crying happy tears. "What's wrong, Romano?"
"W- when you-a have the baby you won't want me anymore," he said trying to hold back his tears. "B-but I don't-a want you to get rid of me madre!"
"Now who told you I was going to get rid of you?" You asked shooting Toni a look, but he looked at you wide eyed and confused so you knew it wasn't him. "Romano listen. I love you and so does Toni, you're just going to be a big brother more that's all that's going to be different."
"Y- you mean you won't-a do like grandpa Rome and get rid of me?" He asked looking into your eyes.
"No, of course not. I love you my silly little man," you said kissing his forehead.
"Ti amo Madre (i love you mother)!" Romano said excitedly as he hugged you back.
"Now go get ready for bed," you said smiling at your tiny son.
"Will- a you come read me a story?" He asked and you nodded making him smile and jump up as he 'accidentally' knocked Toni over in his hast to get upstairs which only made you giggle and Toni shake his head as he rolled his beautiful green eyes.
You stood up after a moment and Toni pulled you into his arms giving you a soft kiss which still made your heart skip a few beats.
"Te amo mi amor (I love you my love)," Toni whispered in your ear making you giggle again.
"And I love you too," you whispered kissing his neck. "But I better go put Romano to bed before he comes and attacks you again."
"Ok amor," Toni said sighing. "Hurry back."
"Of course," you said smiling as you walked up stairs and into Romano's room where he was awaiting you as he held a book close to his chest. "What are we reading tonight, hm?"
"This one Madre, please," he said smiling as he handed you a book, The Very Hungary Caterpillar.
You smiled and began reading, Romano falling asleep in your lap before you finished. You kissed his forehead before you tucked him in and went to your room cuddling against your husband before you both drifted off to sleep.

***A few months later***

You sat nervously as you waited for the doctor to come back and tell you if you were going to have a little boy or a little girl. Toni had taken Romano to the bathroom, so you were alone for the moment. You sighed, Toni had said as long as it was healthy he didn't care, but you hoped for a little girl, sure you would take a little boy, but you just wanted Romano to have a sister instead of another brother.
"Mrs Carriedo," your doctor said as he walked in. "We need to talk, but maybe we should wait for your husband to come back first."
"What? Why?" You asked confused. "If you're just telling me if I'm having a girl or boy then why not just tell me now?"
"Well that's the thing... Mrs Carriedo... You're baby..." the doctor said not knowing how to say whatever it was he had to tell you.
"Oh just tell me, it can't be that bad," you said making him sigh.
"Well your babies umbilical cord somehow managed to suffocate your baby," he said looking at the floor.
"What?!" You managed to say as Toni and Romano walked back in.
"I'm very sorry, these things just happen sometimes and we don't know why, "he said not meeting your husband worried glance.
"What's going on chica?" Toni asked taking your hand in his.
"What did you do to my Madre?!" Romano yelled at the doctor.
"W-we l-lost the baby," you managed to whisper before your sobbing took over.
"Huh? Where's my baby sister?" Romano asked confused.
"Romano," you whispered through your tear filled eyes.
"Here l-let me tell him chica," Toni whispered knowing you couldn't talk.
"What's going on you tomato loving idiota?" Romano demanded as Toni picked him up and sat him on his lap. "Why is my Madre crying?!"
"Romano, you know about Heaven right?" Toni asked and Romano nodded. "Well that's where your baby sister went."
"What-a?! N-no! S-stop-a lying!" Romano yelled tears welling in his eyes.
"He's not lying," you managed to say before both Romano and Toni pulled you into a hug you all sobbing together for once not even Romano knowing what to say.
"Amor, we'll make it through this together," Toni whispered.
"S-si, we are a family," Romano said both of them making a half hearted smile appear on your lips as you pulled them closer, thinking to yourself how lucky you were to have them and how you didn't know what you would do without them... You just wished it wouldn't have taken this to finally bring you all together...
A random idea that came to me a while back and I'm just now writing it XD I don't own you or the hetalia characters. I can do a part 2 of you guys wish :) I hope you enjoy
Here's a link to part 2 [link] :)
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LunaGamerImInPortal Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2014  Student General Artist
rith in the feels man ;-;
Mymaplesyrup Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
This effected me a lot more then normal because when I was a baby I had my umbilical cord wrapped around my neck and almost chocked me when I was born but it was a beautifully sad story.
hetaloidmass Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014
This was really cute and it was sad :D
InuAshi86 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

crazzzychic Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014
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That's so sad. Great job on the story tho. I read this before I got a DA and I loved it ^^
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