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Hetalia Axis Power Spain by leadervance by crazzzychic

"Hey amigos (friends)!" Spain called waking both you and your twin brother, Romano, up.
"What-a do you want you tomato loving bas-" Romano started to yell before Spain cut him off.
"It snowed!" Spain said excitedly as you looked at him like he was crazy from where you sat on the couch.
"What-a are you talking about?" you grumbled since you weren't very happy he had woken you up from your nap.
Spain, or Toni as you called him when you weren't in a bad mood, sighed impatiently before he laced his hand in yours and pulled you up off the couch. You looked at him like he was crazy, but deep down inside you were curious as to what he had to show you. You were a tough cookie to crack sometimes; being Romano's twin made you want to act like him, always grumpy or fussing, but really once you got underneath all of that coldness, you found a really sweet, caring girl, much like her younger brother, Italy. You were so caught up in wondering about yourself you didn't realize Spain had led you outside until you found yourself being hit by a snowball.
"What-a was that?!" You yelled startled.
"A snowball," Toni answered smirking. "We're having a snowball fight amiga!"
"And when did I agree to-a that?" you said crossing your arms as you began to shiver since you didn't have a coat on.
"When you yelled at me," he replied still grinning. "Now go get dressed so you don't get sick."
"You're not my madre (mother), why-a should I listen to you?" you asked being stubborn.
"Because-a I said to!" Romano grumbled appearing beside you. "What the heck is-a this?" Romano asked as he walked outside.
You rolled your eyes and left your twin and Spain as you went to find a jacket. Realizing you didn't have one in your room you slipped into Spain's to see if he had anything you could borrow. You went through his closet and slipped on a red hoodie that was hanging up. You were about to walk out when a card laying on his desk caught your eyes and you found yourself picking it up. Your mouth fell wide open when you realized it was a love note from Toni to someone else.

"Hola mi amiga! (Hello my friend!) 
...I didn't know how to tell you this in person so I thought I'd write you a note... but now I feel more confused then I started especially since I doubt you feel the same... but here goes nothing... Te amo (I love you)."

"What-a is this?!" you said almost yelling and surprising yourself.
How could Toni do this to me? Sure we aren't together, but why would he like a human girl that would just end up dying and hurting him? Wait-- am I jealous that he likes someone else? You thought to youself for a moment, before you realized, yes you were in fact crazy for that Spaniard who apparently loved someone else, which only made you mad and jealous.
"Amiga (female friend)! Where are you?" Toni's voice called from down the hall.
You found yourself still frozen in the middle of his room clenching the note. It wasn't that you didn't want him to be happy... you just didn't want him to get hurt like you knew those stupid human girls would. They wouldn't understand him at all, and then they would hurt him by dying and it would just be one big giant mess. You were so absorbed in your thoughts you didn't realize Toni had walked in his room and saw you with the note until it was too late.
"I-a w-was borrowing a jacket!" you stammered trying to set the note back down as he gasp and turned paler then normal.
"How much did you read?" Toni asked and you looked at the floor both embarrassed you got caught and embarrassed you were jealous.
"All of it... I thought you would-a be smarter then to fall for a human," you murmured lowly, but he still heard you and he tilted his head in confusion.
"Huh? A human? Amiga (female friend) I wrote that for you," Toni said walking to you and stopping in front of you.
"A-ha! I knew-a you liked a hu- wait... did you-a just say this was for me?" You asked snapping your head up and looking at him embarrassed as he nodded.
"Si (yes), what can I say?" He asked grinning like an idiot. "You're adorable, even when you're mad at me for being an idiot... but I know you wouldn't ever like me so-"
"B-bésame (kiss me)," you said interrupting him as you remembered your Spanish lessons from the past, remembering how both you and your twin brother only remembered that after the first lesson.
"W-what?" Toni said shocked.
"Bésame (kiss me)," you said looking into his green eyes and smiling.
"You remember what that means right?" Toni asked unsure and you nodded still grinning as he looked at you for a moment before finally leaning down and pressing his lips against yours.
You didn't hold back, as soon as he kissed you, you wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him back as you both tried to ignore your growing blushes.
"WHAT-A IS GOING ON HERE?!" Romano yelled as he walked into the room and dropped whatever was in his hands as you and Spain separated.
"What-a did it look like you idiota (idiot)?" You yelled giving him a dirty look.
"Are you-a dating the tomato loving bas-" Romano asked in shock before you cut him off.
"SI!" You answered crossing your arms defiantly. "And-a don't call him that or else." you said giving your brother a dirty look before he hit the floor from shock.
"Did you mean that amiga (female friend)?" Toni asked in complete shock.
"Mean-a what?" You asked looking at him confused.
"That you'll be my girlfriend," he said making you grin and nod before you pulled him close and gave him another soft kiss.
"Te amo idiota (I love you idiot)," you said smirking as you pulled apart.
"Te amo _________________ (I love you ___________)," Toni said smiling.
Sure, this wasn't how you had planned to spend your day, but you were pleased with the out come, though you didn't know how pleasing Romano was going to be when he woke up... you had a feeling it was going to involve more yelling, but you were his twin, so you could handle him easily. The only thing you had to really worry about was how Toni was going to take your revenge for hitting you with a  snowball earlier, you thought grinning as you dragged your new Spanish boyfriend outside now eager to go play in the snow, and eager to deal with Romano whenever he woke up from his shock.
Well here is another request I got a long time ago o.o I hope you all like it, and the person who requested it, if you don't like it just message me and I can fix it! I do not own you or the Hetalia characters!
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amliajane12345 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2014  Student Writer
*Runs around squealing*
I look a lot like Fem!Romano because I have dark brown hair and brownish eyes (although mine have a greenish colour to them)
and I swear a lot, but I'm not Italian
Dude, same for me exept I have dark brown eyes (I also have lightly tanned skin :P) . Also I act like Roma when i'm mad...Heh
Femdenmark92 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014
Im definitely fem romano (even though my user name is fem denmark) lol
SevrinDarkthorn Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My friend calls me Romano, And I'm italian... And I have brownish eyes...And dark brown hair... Dammit, I'm the female version of Romano, Living in the scone bastard's country!! 
candieqq Featured By Owner Edited Nov 6, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
People say I act and look like Japan most of the time, but when I'm with my bestest friends, I act like frickin Romano x10
Michelle4288 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014
Does that make me fem Romano?
crazzzychic Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2014
Yep ^w^
Michelle4288 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2014
RoseMaylieGottschalk Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Lol tomato bastard
black-mockingjay Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2014  Student Writer
Whats really creepy, is that I have dusty brown/red/blue eyes, like Romano and I'm from Australia! But I have an American accent so people make fun of me for that, anyways love the story!
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